Understanding how we learn best is the smart thing to do.

We all learn differently and understanding this in ourselves and others can revolutionise how we look at learning.

If we are studying or doing on the job training the ease at which we learn and the style of learning we chose can be enhanced if we understand ourselves better.

A manager might like to know what training is best for their staff.
If they know how their staff like to learn then they can tailor learning opportunities to maximise the return for the organisation.

The understanding of learning styles in the workplace is not just for formal, external/internal training. It can be applied to all learning situations like staff meetings, and informal team briefings. It can also be applied in day to day management in the way a manager chooses to delegate work and how that work is structured.

For colleagues in a work situation an undertanding of what makes each other tick in terms of learning means we can better accommodate our differences.

Peter Honey and Alan Mumford – both world renowned experts in learning and behaviour – devised a simple 80 question Learning Styles Questionnaire that helps us understand our preferred way to learn and the strengths and weaknesses associated with it.

The Learning Styles Questionnaire by Honey and Mumford is useful for an individual just wanting to undestand how they are ‘wired up’ for learning.

It is also a useful tool for a manager/supervisor who might like to use the questionnaire to help them get the most out of training investments for their team.

Open the link below, print off and fill out the questionnaire to see where you fit in to the four learning styles of; Activist,Reflector,Theorist,Pragmatist.

Don’t forget to look at the information sheets at the back that summarise the best and least preferred learning activities for each category, as well as strengths and weaknesses.
Learning Styles Questionnaire by Honey and Mumford