Staff may be to frightened to go back to their workplace after doing this course. That is not our fault.


 Identifying and dealing with hazards in the workplace is at the heart of all excellent health and safety systems.

This course is designed for all staff and is tailored to whichever style of work environment they operate in.


Staff will lapse into a catatonic state as we read together the entire health and safety act and ammendments. When they regain consciousness they will be able to recite meaningful passages from it with all the passion of a shakespearian tragedy.

They will also learn about identifying hazards and using the hierarchy of controls to manage them.

Looking at practical examples from other organisations and events, they will use their new skills to apply their learning in their own workplace.


Course: Introduction to Hazard Management

Duration: 2 Hours

Max # Participants: 20 people

Cost: $300 plus gst

Training Provider: HR Development and Training Ltd

Trainer: Dave Griffith

For more information or booking email Dave Griffith or call 021-2221359