The job market is rapidly shifting from print to online.

The latest Kelly Global Workforce Index, which surveys the views of 97,000 people in 30 countries, including over 1,800 in New Zealand, shows that more people have secured their latest role via an online job posting, than any other category.

The survey shows 27 percent of respondents secured their most recent position through an online job posting  ahead of “word-of-mouth” referrals, used by 23 percent, recruitment/staffing firms (20 percent), direct approaches from employers (12 percent), print advertisements (10 percent), and “other” methods (7 percent).

This is a predictable trend and certainly reinforces the kinds of trends we have been seeing in recent years regarding how jobs are advertised.

Print media are still demanding top dollar for an advertising platform that is now only a minor player in the recruitment industry.

Online job postings are fast, cost-effective and have a far greater reach than print media. Recruiters also find it handy to be able to fix any errors instantly and post additional information.

For job hunters, being able to apply online is immediate and far morestreamlined than traditional post delivered, paper based applications.

There is always going to be a strong role for recruitment agencies in the job market, especially in higher management roles and technical specialists. They have also been more creative in recent times in unbundling their services to enable a greater partenership with corporate recruiters.