Women may argue sucessfully that while men are the biggest online networkers they may not be the most effective.

LinkedIn, a global professional web-based networking site, has studied the details of men and women across a range of industries and looked at the ratio of their online connections.

Of their two million Australian users, they found that men tend to have more online connections than women.

However, there were particular professions and organisations where females dominated the online environment.

These industries included writing and editing, philanthropy and marketing and advertising.

At RailCorp, Origin Energy and Leighton Contractors women also ruled the web.

The top industries where blokes dominated were in the military, capital markets, human resources and newspapers.

Males were also found to be savvier at Queensland Health, Flight Centre and the University of NSW.

Is this just an online extension of the old boys network in practice? Women may argue that while mens networks may be larger their effectiveness may be a distant second.

Some cheeky females may also sugges that while men are networking, women are getting the job done.