Teamwork – when everyone plays their part it is awesome – the rest of the time it can be hell.


Workplaces are riddled with teams. Some of the time they work in harmony, but often this is only by accident.

The team work toolbox takes proven tools that enhance team productivity and synergy (yes that word is still around) and helps teams solve real problems in their workplace.

The course is suitable for frontline staff, support staff and management.


Team members will be left stunned as they learn easy ways to get around those ever present problems like; we can’t agree what to do, our meetings never end, only a few of us actually do all the work and the most dominant personalities always dominate…..everything.

Using such easy tools as; Action Plans, Weighted Voting and Learning Style Questionnaires, staff will actually learn something that they will remember for years to come instead of flushing the new learning down the memory dunny as so often happens with training.


Course: Teamwork Toolbox Training

Duration: 4 Hours (4 x One hour sessions spread over three weeks)

Max # Participants: 15 people

Cost: $1000 plus gst

Training Provider: HR Development and Training Ltd

Trainer: Dave Griffith

For more information or booking, email Dave Griffith at or call 021-2221359