Why do my staff hate me? – How managers can feel the love again

Introduction :

Most managers are decent people, which makes it perplexing for them when they feel less than loving vibes emanating from their staff.

How did it come to this? Where did it all go wrong? After all I have done for them -those ungrateful #$#$&!

In this fast flowing one hour course we will go on a disturbing journey into mind of an employee and learn about the stuff they like and what really gets up their nose.

This is perfect for those hard to fill slots in staff training meetings. It deals with a serious topic in a fun way. It is an excellent investment in the current economic conditions when time and training budgets are scarce.


Don’t panic – there is no danger of soul baring discussion groups and role plays here.

Essentially the course will present the facts about the types of managerial behaviour that infuriates employees and the type of behaviour that they like to see from managers.

Course participants can absorb the useful information in glorious anonymity even though they are sitting with fellow managers.

So that is it. No displays of weakness. No admission that ‘their’ staff are discontent. Just, Listen and learn and think about changing some of their behaviours where required.


Course: Why do my staff hate me? – How managers can feel the love again.

Duration: 1 Hour

Max # Participants: 15 people

Cost: $150 plus gst (that is total cost for up to 15 people)

Training Provider: HR Development and Training Ltd

Trainer: Dave Griffith

For more information or booking, email Dave Griffith at [email protected] or call 021-2221359